One unique piece coming straight from Com-Prensa, this scarf is the perfect final charming touch
3 Agosto, 2017
You think about….. We develop with our Team :)
3 Agosto, 2017

A few years ago, in 2008, many people of world’s clothing and fashion proclaimed the death of clothing industry in Portugal.

Our strategy was being resilient. We attack the challenge of globalisation with new ideas, new technologies, and we find brand’s DNA.

The rhythm of work became faster and as result, we improve our work processes and methods with constant development and improvement, directing all the activities for the total satisfaction of our customers.

Com-Prensa had the capacity to see that every client is different and each one in each collection puts their unique style and attitude.

Today we sell fashion but in a different way, we produce the same quantity per month, but splits the quantities in several models It was necessary sagacity, courage, knowledge, to adapt to this new reality that is FASHION.